The Fastest ThunderBolt Drives For Mac OSX

Best ThunderBolt External Drives For Mac

The best and fastest ThunderBolt drives for Mac backups are delivered by pairing the ultra-fast ThunderBolt port bandwidth with SSD - Solid-State flash memory drive technology. If high-performance matters a lot to you, and you can afford the price premium, you'll be glad you opted for an ultra-fast external SSD ThunderBolt backup drive solution for your Apple computer.

Fast ThunderBolt SSD External Drives

Unleash the true potential of your Mac's ThunderBolt port with a solid-state ThunderBolt SSD external storage solution. A growing number of Apple compatible portable SSD backup drives are reaching the market at reasonable price points starting under $200 USD for 256GB SSD units. With flash memory prices collapsing, the fastest ThunderBolt SSD storage option is growing in both affordability and drive capacity.

Cheap ThunderBolt SSD Drive LaCie Combo USB3 + ThunderBolt Solid-State ThunderBolt Drive
Monster Digital Overdrive SSD

Integrated TBolt Cable
LaCie Rugged TBolt SSD

Combo TBolt and USB3 Interfaces
Akitio Portable SSD

128GB/256GB SSD Storage

ThunderBolt Mac Hard Disk Based Drives

For more storage capacity at a far lower cost per Gigabyte, external ThunderBolt mechanical hard drives still offer reasonably snappy Read / Write performance at decidedly more affordable price points.

LaCie ThunderBolt HDD Drive Combo USB3 + ThunderBolt Drive LaCie ThunderBolt RAID Drive
LaCie ThunderBolt Desktop

3 & 4 TB Drive Options
Cheap COMBO Laptop Drive

USB 3.0 + ThunderBolt
Both Cables Included!
ThunderBolt RAID 2TB Drive

Dual 1 Terabyte Drives

Unless they're in multi-drive array's singular HDD drives fail to perform anywhere near ThunderBolt's true bandwith potential - even when using the fastest mechanical disk drives available. Temper your performance expectaions, but know that your spinning-patter drive is transferring data as fast at it can, even though it may not be using a fraction of the available bandwidth. In general, dual HDD drive arrays perfom on-par with a singular SSD's, particularly when 3 or more HDD mechansims are combined in a striped RAID 0 configuration the performance becomes quite impressive.

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