The Fastest Type-C ThunderBolt 3 Backup Drives For Mac OSX

Best ThunderBolt3 External Drives For Mac

Enter the brave new world of ThunderBolt 3 peripherals for MacBook laptops and Macintosh desktops! With it's 3rd iteration of Intel and Apple's ThunderBolt interface, the bandwidth increases to 40Gbps and adopts the same Type-C connectors found in the USB-C market. It may seem confusing, but ThunderBolt 3 incorporates both TBolt AND USB protocols into a single connector that will dominate the personal computing and personal consumer electronics space for the next decade and thensome. ONE cable type for nearly any kind of computer accessory imaginable! Fast or slow, USB or ThunderBolt: One cable to rule them all...

Currently Shipping ThunderBolt 3 Chipset Drives

ThunderBolt3 SSDThunderBolt3 HDD
Full ThunderBolt 3 SSD

2400 Read-1500 Write Speeds!
G-Tech TBolt 3 HDD

4-10TB Capacities

MacBook Models With ThunderBolt 3

The newest 15 and 13 inch Apple laptops feature dual or quad TBolt 3 ports. The base 13" model without OLED Touch-Bar features 2 ports, the 13" & 15" Touchbar Pro models feature 4 ports: 2 on each side of the MacBook. The iMac recently got a ThunderBolt 3 interface in it's latest hardware refresh. Expect the Mac mini to get TBolt3 soon.

13" Apple MacBook Pro

With Dual ThunderBolt 3 Ports

MacBook Pro 15" Laptop with TouchBar & 4 ThunderBolt 3 Ports

MacBook Pro 13" Laptop with TouchBar & 4 ThunderBolt 3 Ports

ThunderBolt 3 SSD Backup Drive

Whether using conventional 2.5" SATA SSD drives or high-speed mSATA or M.2 solid-state modules, SSD ThunderBolt3 storage will be an extremely fast and affordable Mac backup solution for many MacBook and Macintosh desktop computer users.

ThunderBolt 3 HDD Backup Drive

Offering dirt cheap, high-capacity multi-gigabyte storage on the cheap, ThunderBolt 3 external hard disk drives will deliver Terabytes of reasonably fast and voluminous storage potential for pennies per Gigabyte.

ThunderBolt 3 SSD RAID Backup Drive

Multi-drive RAID disk arrays that incorporate solid-state PCIe NVMe SSD modules are best suited to fill the potential 40Gbps bandwidth. SSD ThunderBolt3 RAID storage will offer hardcore Mac users in data intensive markets the ultimate in data Read/Write speeds - while leaving plenty of bandwidth available to drive multiple 4k or 5K ultra HD monitors and any other peripherals.

ThunderBolt 3 HDD RAID Backup Drive

Multi-drive RAID disk arrays that utilize conventional spinning-platter mechanical hard disk drives will have thier place in the HDD ThunderBolt3 storage market as well. They'll deliver extremely high capacity storage at the lowest cost per gigabyte while still delivering excellent performance in striped RAID 0 configurations.