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Shopping for an Apple compatible data backup drive? We feature the best external Mac drive options for your MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop. They're the best data recovery insurance you can buy, and a must have for safeguarding any MacBook or Macintosh desktop computer user's data and settings.

Choosing A Backup Drive For Your Mac

Mac ThunderBolt And USB 3 Drives

For modern Mac systems, SuperSpeed USB 3.X and Apple ThunderBolt ports are the primary computer interfaces for today - and for the next decade.

Select The Type Of Apple Mac Backup Drive You're Shopping For:

Remember, USB 3.0 storage devices are backward Compatible with legacy USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 Macintosh computers. Additionally, 1st-generation 10Gbps ThunderBolt storage devices are interchangeable with the current 20Gbps ThunderBolt2 standard. With proper cable, USB 3.1 drives are backward compatible too, at less than peak possible data rates, but nonetheless ready for the USB-C future.

SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 drives have been introduced with the new micro USB Type-C connector as Rev-1 at 5Gbps. The speed increases to 10Gpbs at Rev-2 as the full USB 3.1 specification rollout advances and new Apple products with more mature chipsets are released. eSATA and FireWire 400/800 still have thier place in keeping legacy computer systems viable, but are fading fast.

We're Apple Storage Hardware Geeks - So You Don't Have To Be

Whether you're shopping for your very first Mac backup drive - or looking to upgrade and replace a previous external drive - we'll point out our Top-3 product recommendations in each category. Whether it's an affordable (but fast) Apple USB 3.0 storage product, a next-generation USB-C drive, or (a pricier) but extremely fast ThunderBolt storage solution, we'll steer you in the right direction. Insanely Great external SSD and HDD drive options and recommendations - Easy as 1-2-3!

Different Mac Models - Different Drive Purchase Criteria

The type of Mac you own can help in refining your choice in an Apple compatible external drive for OSX and TimeMachine. Keeping in mind that 75% of all Macs sold are MacBook laptops, compact and portable USB-C, USB 3.0 and ThunderBolt drives are highest in demand. Full-Size desktop drives are right for those in enterprise and professional environments or those with large volumes of data and huge media files to access, share, and retain.

Drives For Mac : Solo Or Shared? Home Or Business? Professional Or Consumer?

Who you are as a Mac user can help guide the right product selections. The vast majority of Mac owners are just average computer users looking to cheaply protect their precious data files in the event of a computing disaster - or a way to store and share photos, music and more.

The narrower prosumer and business market has far more exacting and demanding storage requirements, especially in the area of audio and video production environments where time is money. Multi-Drive RAID arrays deliver both the speed and high-capacity needed.

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